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Spinning Up Multiple WordPress Sites Locally With DevKinsta

When developing themes and plugins for WordPress, we need to test them in different environments. How can we create multiple testing sites on our computer, quickly and easily, without having to become a sysadmin?

Smashing Podcast Episode 39 With Addy Osmani: Image Optimization

In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, weare talking about image optimization. What steps should we follow for performant images in 2021? We talk to expert Addy Osmani to find out.

When CSS Isnat Enough: JavaScript Requirements For Accessible Components

Spoiler alert: tooltips, modals, tabs, carousels, and dropdown menus are some of the user interface components that require more than CSS. To ensure accessibility of your interface, JavaScript is a necessary addition to accomplish focus management, respond to keyboard events, and toggle ARIA attributes.

Web Design Done Well: Making Use Of Audio

Design often revolves around visuals, but the other senses deserve love too. In this article, we tune in to audio features that are making sites sing.

Useful Front-End Boilerplates And Starter Kits

We donat need to write everything from scratch every single time. With boilerplates and starter kits, we can set up our projects faster, and get to work immediately.

Three Front-End Auditing Tools I Discovered Recently

Building a faster website can be a rocket task these days. There are so many things to consider, so itas challenging to get everything right. Here are some less-known tools that might help you get there.

Meet :has, A Native CSS Parent Selector (And More)

What makes relational selector one of the most requested features and how are we, as developers, working around not having it? In this article, weare going to check the early spec of the :has selector, and see how it should improve the CSS workflow once itas released.

From AVIF to WebP: A New Smashing Book By Addy Osmani

Itas here! For the last year, weave been working with Addy Osmani on a new Smashing Book all around image optimization. And now itas here. Meet aImage Optimizationa, our deep-dive guide to understand how to deliver high-quality images on the web fast.

How To Build A Geocoding App In Vue.js Using Mapbox

In this guide, weall be taking a general look at the concepts of forward geocoding and reverse geocoding, and will build a mini-app that applies these concepts to display specific locations, using Mapbox and Vue.js 2.6.11 to achieve this.

Getting Started With Webpack

Modern browsers provide good support for JavaScript modules, but module bundlers such as webpack stay a critical part of the JavaScript toolchain. Letas take a deep dive into what webpack is and how to use it in your development workflow.

Managing Shared State In Vue 3

Writing large-scale Vue applications can be a challenge. In this article, Shawn Wildermuth dives into the pros and cons of approaches like factories, shared objects, and using Vuex. He also explains what is coming in Vuex 5.0 that might change how we all use shared state in Vue 3.

How To Fix Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) Issues

Googleas Core Web Vitals initiative has taken the SEO and Web Performance worlds by storm and many sites are busy optimizing their Page Experience to maximize the ranking factor. The Cumulative Layout Shift metric is causing trouble to a lot of sites, so letas have a look at ways of addressing any issues for that metric.

Improving The Performance Of An Online Store (Case Study)

Getting a good performance score from Google is hard for any website — but doing so for an online store is even harder. We achieved green scores — even several for mobile. Here is how we did it.

Smashing Podcast Episode 38 With Ivan Akulov: Why Is My React App Slow?

In this episode, weare talking about React performance. What factors slow our React apps down, and how can we fix it? Drew McLellan talks to expert Ivan Akulov to find out.

Setting Up A Currency Convertor With

Amazon allows visitors to display prices in their own currency. Thanks to **, we can do the same for our online shops, providing a better experience to our customers. Letas find out how.

Happy June Vibes For Your Screen (2021 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

What could be a better way to welcome June than with some colorful inspiration? Well, we might have something for you: wallpapers created with love by artists and designers from across the globe.

Adding A Commenting System To A WYSIWYG Editor

In this article, weall be re-using the foundational WYSIWYG Editor built in the first article to build a commenting system for a WYSIWYG Editor that enables users to select text inside a document and share their comments on it. Letas dig in!

Useful VS Code Extensions For Front-End Developers

Meet useful Visual Studio Code extensions for web developers: little helpers to minimize slow-downs and frustrations, and boost developeras workflow along the way. With auto log messages, auto code formatting, file utils, file labels, code snippets, highlight brackets, tags, indents and workspaces, onboarding and remote SSH.

How To Build And Launch Powerful Responsive Websites With Editor X

While web builders have been around for a long time, it wasnat until recently that they became practical for professional use. Closing the gap between design and code has become the north star for many companies and we are seeing a wave of tools that deliver on this promise.

Accessible SVGs: Perfect Patterns For Screen Reader Users

Discover which SVG patterns we should avoid and which patterns are the most inclusive when comparing different combinations of OSs, browsers, and screen readers.

A Guide To Undoing Mistakes With Git (Part 2)

Mistakes. These cruel villains do not even stop at the beautiful world of software development. But although we cannot avoid making mistakes, we can learn to undo them! This post will show the right tools for your daily work with Git.

A New Way To Reduce Font Loading Impact: CSS Font Descriptors

Web fonts are often terrible for web performance and none of the font loading strategies are particularly effective to address that. Upcoming font options may finally deliver on the promise of making it easier to align fallback fonts to the final fonts.

CSS Container Queries: Use-Cases And Migration Strategies

CSS Container queries bring media queries closer to the target elements themselves and enables them to adapt to virtually any given container or layout. In this article, weare going to cover CSS container query basics and how to use them today with progressive enhancement or polyfills.

Building A Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

Letas build a rich text, WYSIWYG-editor that supports rich text, images, links and some nuanced features from word processing apps. We will use SlateJS to build the shell of the editor and then add a toolbar and custom configurations.

Boost Your Skills Online: Smashing Workshops On Front-End And Design

Front-end and design are remarkably complex these days. Thatas why we invite kind, smart folks from the community to run online workshops for all of us to learn together. And we have new ones coming up, and wead like to kindly welcome you to join in.

How To Implement Authentication In Next.js With Auth0

A step-by-step tutorial on adding authentication and authorization to your Next.js apps, with Auth0. Weall be using a Next.js SDK to connect our application to the Auth0 API and will create the dynamic API route for React.

Frustrating Design Patterns: Mega-Dropdown Hover Menus

Everything to keep in mind when designing and building a mega-dropdown, common pitfalls, hover entry/exit delays, trajectory triangle technique and SVG path exit areas.

How To Create, Edit And Animate SVGs All In One Place With SVGator 3.0

Today, we are taking a closer look at [SVGator 3.0](, a new major release of the popular SVG application that lets you create, edit and animate SVG files and make the best out of what SVG has to offer — from start to finish.

Smashing Podcast Episode 37 With Adam Argyle: What Is VisBug?

In this episode, weare talking about VisBug. What is it, and how is it different from the array of options already found in Chrome DevTools? Drew McLellan talks to its creator Adam Argyle to find out.

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What Are the Different Types of Invoices?

If youare a freelancer, contractor, or business owner, you know how crucial it is to...

The Solution to Creating Recurring Invoices

Having a regular flow of monthly income can be helpful, especially in certain seasons where...

Best Invoice App for Freelancers

As a freelancer, the way you manage your business impacts your career. Success is not...

How to Make An Invoice

Youave set up a business and gained customers patronizing your products. And now you have...

Best Invoice App for Contractors

Getting paid for the hard work youave done feels greataespecially when you get compensated for...

What Information Should Be On A Standard Invoice?

While invoicing may not be the most exciting part of a business, itas crucial to...

How Do I Charge Taxes Using the Invoice Generator?

Charging taxes using invoice generator is easy and simple with Sparks Invoice Maker. We built...

Invoice on the Go: Top 5 Reasons to Use an App

If youare a brick-and-mortar retailer, eCommerce owner, or freelancer, you probably have noticed how todayas...

Top 10 Reasons Spark Is the Best Free Invoice Generator

Invoice generators are power tools when it comes to managing your business. Thanks to them,...

Why You Need An Invoice Generator & Invoice Maker for Small Business

Invoices are crucial for entrepreneurs to get paid for the goods or services they offer....

2022 Audi e-tron GT to Offer Three years of Complimentary DC Fast Charging, Plus Other Perks

The 2022 Audi e-tron GT will come with access to several available charging solutions, including three years of complimentary DC fast charging sessions through Electrify America at speeds up to 270 kW. According to Audi, that’s enough to add approximately 180 miles of range in about 22 minutes. Meanwhile, Electrify America plans to have about 800 charging stations with approximately 3,500 chargers by the end of 2021. New Charging Options For customers new to electrification who may not have an […]

Original article: 2022 Audi e-tron GT to Offer Three years of Complimentary DC Fast Charging, Plus Other Perks

Lincoln to Offer a Full Range of Connected & Electrified Vehicles by 2030

Lincoln will debut a fully electric vehicle next year, the first step toward electrifying its entire portfolio of vehicles by the end of the decade. The new electric vehicle will debut as the brand celebrates its 100th anniversary next year and continues its growth in North America and China. By mid-decade, Lincoln expects half of its global volume will be zero-emissions vehicles and plans to electrify its portfolio of vehicles by 2030. This is part of the companyas Ford+ plan […]

Original article: Lincoln to Offer a Full Range of Connected & Electrified Vehicles by 2030

2022 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe: Bigger, Bolder & More Aerodynamic

The 2022 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe is the second-generation model of the German automakeras 4-Series hatchback. Right off the bat, the resemblance between the all-new 4-Series Gran Coupe and BMWas all-electric i4 is uncanny. Although the 2022 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe is just half an inch longer than a regular 4-Series Coupe, the new model is significantly bigger, longer, and broader than the first generation. The latest four-door 4-Series is 5.9-inches longer, one-inch wider, and 2.1-inches taller than before. It […]

Original article: 2022 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe: Bigger, Bolder & More Aerodynamic

Win a Sleek BMW M4 Competition Coupe & $20,000 Cash!

Sleek, precise, and luxurious – BMW holds their own when it comes to building vehicles that can conquer both the race track and your daily commute. Whenever the mood strikes, the winner of this Omaze campaign will probably feel like they have the world at their fingertips. By participating in this latest campaign, you have the chance to win a new BMW M4 Competition Coupe. To make it even sweeter, $20,000 cash goes straight into the winneras glovebox. Affiliate Disclosure: […]

Original article: Win a Sleek BMW M4 Competition Coupe & $20,000 Cash!

Chevrolet Introduces Special Edition Corvette Stingray & Other New Updates For 2022

It’s never a good idea to rest on your laurels, even when your laurels are as groundbreaking and impressive as the new mid-engine Corvette. For 2022 the latest C8 Vette will get a new special edition, plus a new exterior color and spoiler options. Of course, this is all part of Chevy’s effort to “improve the breed” when it comes to the mid-engine Vette. IMSA GTLM Championship Edition The 2022 Corvette Stingray IMSA GTLM Championship Edition – yes, that’s the […]

Original article: Chevrolet Introduces Special Edition Corvette Stingray & Other New Updates For 2022

You Wonat Believe This Lamborghini SiA!n Made Entirely From LEGOs!

When I was a kid, I’d often look at Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars or the LEGO creations I’d make and think, “It’d beA SOA cool to crawl inside there and drive away!” Obviously, I wasn’t the only one to think that cause it’s pretty obvious that a bunch of people had the same idea when it came to this life-size SiA!n. Automobili Lamborghini, in collaboration with the LEGO Group, has built a life-size replica of the SiA!n FKP 37, but I […]

Original article: You Won’t Believe This Lamborghini SiA!n Made Entirely From LEGOs!

Cobra RAD 380 Review: How Well Does This Affordable Radar Detector Work?

Original article: Cobra RAD 380 Review: How Well Does This Affordable Radar Detector Work?

Win an Audi e-tron Sportback & $20,000 Cash!

If you constantly seek ways to keep it green and lower your carbon footprint, then undoubtedly, electric vehicles have caught your eye. In this latest Omaze Campaign, you can win an Audi e-tron Sportback, complete with quattro all-wheel drive. Winners also land $20,000 in cash along with two VIP tickets to see the Lumineers perform in their hometown of Denver, Colorado. Flight and hotel stay are already covered, so you won’t have to drive, but you might want to after […]

Original article: Win an Audi e-tron Sportback & $20,000 Cash!

2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport: A Fresh Take On Toyotaas Venerable Family SUV

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport is a more athletic version of the Japanese carmakeras longstanding and versatile family SUV. Whereas the 4Runner TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro are leaning more towards the rough stuff, the all-new TRD Sport has the legs to conquer smooth tarmac. Also, it gets a healthy dose of street style and curb appeal to go along with its newfound on-road refinement. 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport: Whatas New? Toyota said the 4Runner TRD Sport looks […]

Original article: 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport: A Fresh Take On Toyotaas Venerable Family SUV

VW Arteon Big Sur Concept: The Green Car (Literally) Inspired by The Golden State

Calling this custom VW a “green machine” is definitely appropriate! Meet the 2021 Arteon Big Sur Concept, inspired by the mountainous sections of California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon of the same name (Big Sur means “the big country of the south”). Volkswagen Enthusiast and Motorsport Marketing Specialist Sean Maynard, Rory Stramer and Gil Plasencia of FMS Automotive, and Jason Whipple at Rotiform designed the Arteon Big Sur Concept. “The Arteon is a hidden gem in the Volkswagen […]

Original article: VW Arteon Big Sur Concept: The Green Car (Literally) Inspired by The Golden State

Toyota Extended Warranty Cost (2021)

The average Toyota extended warranty cost can range from $1,500 to $2,500. We explain factors that affect cost and help you decide if the extra coverage is worth it.

Original article: Toyota Extended Warranty Cost (2021)

2022 Kia K5 Quick Facts: Fuel Economy, Safety Features, Pricing & More

The Kia K5 made a splash last summer during its official debut. Although SUVs and crossovers are everywhere these days, some folks (myself included!) would still rather drive a sedan. And when it comes to sedans, the 2022 Kia K5 is one of the nicest on the market! Although the car was brand new as of 2021, there are a few minor changes for the 2022 model year. Kia K5: What’s New In 2022? The exterior styling is mainly unchanged, […]

Original article: 2022 Kia K5 Quick Facts: Fuel Economy, Safety Features, Pricing & More

Paying off debt? Celebrate in the middle

Paying off debt? AA Give yourself a tangible reminder … Prudence Debt-Free recently posted on their fourth anniversary of debt reduction, and the numbers are impressive: AA more than $150,000 of debt paid back in four years, which is about 60% of their total. They’re doing the slay-little-dragons-first method, getting rid of three debts in that time: ... Read more

The post Paying off debt? Celebrate in the middle appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

No Credit Needed speeds up mortgage payback with micropayments

No Credit Needed, a long-time debt reduction blogging colleague, after having gotten rid of his non-mortgage consumer debt, has been chipping away at the big one: his home mortgage. He’s on track to pay off his 15-year fixed rate mortgage three years early, and is aiming to get it paid off five years early. They’re ... Read more

The post No Credit Needed speeds up mortgage payback with micropayments appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Girl Meets Debt is under $50k

Nice update from Girl Meets Debt.AA The sum of her personal loan and student loan is now under $50,000! “I haven’t been under the $50k mark in years!!!” she exclaims. She admits that it’s tough to find the energy to stay on track with as much debt as that.AA Judging by her numbers at the ... Read more

The post Girl Meets Debt is under $50k appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

How not to ask for help with student loan debt

My main Twitter account was following by @Raising100k a few weeks ago. Apparently this guy’s in a bit of trouble.AA He owes $100k in student loans, and has fallen on hard times.AA Over half of this amount has been accelerated (called due early). Not good.AA But, he has a solution:AA beg. He’s set up a ... Read more

The post How not to ask for help with student loan debt appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Save or pay off debt? See how much it costs

Saving money and paying down consumer debt are both great things to do. It’s very important to do them in the correct order and with the correct weighting, though.AA My take is that saving an emergency fund of a reasonable amount should be done first. But once that emergency fund is in place, pay down ... Read more

The post Save or pay off debt? See how much it costs appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Save or pay off debt? Depends on your emergency fund

If you’re in debt, especially consumer debt, it’s certainly very important to get out of debt.AA The borrower is slave to the lender, after all. As good as getting out of debt is, though, faster isn’t always better.AA If you’re paying down your debt so fast that you have absolutely no cushion in your savings ... Read more

The post Save or pay off debt? Depends on your emergency fund appeared first on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

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